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Aluminum & copper pipe processing for refrigerant. Specialised in automotive A/C pipes & tubes, heat exchange, cutting/bending/brazing/Tig welding/pipe-end forming/in-house connectors.

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ABIC mission

Continuous efforts for quality & productivity improvement

We are dedicated to delivering products with uncompromised quality for competitive prices. In order to do so, we appreciate the importance of vertical / horizontal integration internally and externally. We have a solid supply chain network that was built upon trust over decades to maximize our performance and operational flexibility.

We also built our work environment where we train, coach and support employees thoroughly as well as collecting feedback from operators as a part of Kaizen effort to keep improving our production quality and efficiency.

We will keep evolving to meet and exceed our customer's expectations.

Elaborate planning for cost reduction and optimization

In order to deliver guaranteed quality at competitive prices, we put great effort in our in-house components production. By closely monitoring its production on site, we achieve state-of-the-art quality in our production in addition to streamlined supply chain and cost reduction.

Furthermore, we are successfully collaborating with mutually trusted business partners. We truly respect our stakeholders to continue our sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships for the future.

ABIC mission2

ISO14001 approved environmental management

We believe a company has a responsibility to protect the environment and society. By engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), ABIC commits to operate in ways that enhance society and the environment.

Proven by ISO14001 certificate, we are committed to opt for sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions.

As a part of environmental conservation activities on the individual level, we make small contributions everyday such as recycling, reducing wastes, conserving water and energy. Each of us takes a small part in the activities to achieve our holistic sustainable goal together.

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